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The Client: St. Bernard Parish, one of the hardest hit communities by Hurricane Katrina.

The Project: In conjunction with the Louisiana Statewide Hazard Mitigation Community Education and Outreach Grant Program, St. Bernard Parish launched a community outreach campaign to educate the public about flood risk safety, control and responsibility.

The Estopinal Group (TEG) led the communications component of the St. Bernard Parish Government Flood Risk: Safety, Control and Responsibility campaign, which raised awareness and educated St. Bernard Parish residents about flood risk and hazard mitigation efforts, as well as provided resources and assistance to facilitate citizens’ responsible decisions during hurricane, storm and flood events. To convey the strengthened partnership between St. Bernard Parish Government and the Lake Borgne Basin Levee District, TEG developed campaign specific branding, Working Together, Ensuring Safety.

TEG designed, developed and facilitated the printing of three branded informational brochures: Flood Risk Safety, Flood Risk Control, and Flood Risk Responsibility. TEG created an email-based St. Bernard News Network to disseminate on a weekly basis branded, official Parish Government information and risk education / hazard communication materials to target audiences.

Additionally, TEG organized, coordinated and promoted a series of community open houses that provided St. Bernard residents the opportunity to learn about their properties’ flood risk and the best practices to mitigate flood risk, loss of life and property damage. Residents also were able to speak directly with hazard mitigation and flood management officials.

TEG Areas of Responsibility

  • Targeting Sustainable Partnerships
    Work Products: Stakeholder Database, Regular Stakeholder Meetings, Stakeholder Meeting Debriefs
  • Town Hall Meetings
    Work Products: Location Logistics, Targeted Invitations Distributed, Media Coverage, Informational Materials, Talking Points
  • Electronic and Print Media Outreach
    Work Products: St. Bernard Parish News Network, St. Bernard Parish Key Communicator Media Opportunities, News Releases, Media Advisories
  • Educational and Promotional Materials
    Work Products: Three (3) Informational Brochures, Informational Public Presentations
  • Creative / Brand Services
    Work Product: Working Together, Ensuring Safety Brand and Logos