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Southeast LA Flood Protection Authority-East

The Client: The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East (SLFPA-E) provides protection to lives and property from tidal, storm surge and riverine events for the three parishes, Orleans, St. Bernard and Jefferson, on the east bank of the Mississippi River.

The Project: Development and implementation of the SLFPA-E Strategic Public Outreach Program. The program includes media relations / messaging, brand management / creative design – production / technology, stakeholder and community engagement, storm – crisis communications, and special project support.

The Estopinal Group (TEG) currently implements a comprehensive strategic communications and community engagement program to communicate agency information relevant to the public and enhance public understanding of the mission and functions of SLFPA-E and the realities of flood risk and storm preparedness.

TEG develops and disseminates communications detailing activities of the agency and its Levee Districts, responds to media requests and facilitates tours of the regional flood protection infrastructure, manages comprehensive agency brand, and implements storm and crisis communications plans and strategies in event of heightened storm, hurricane, and flood risk.

Additionally, TEG develops, coordinates and implements community and stakeholder outreach efforts for major agency and Levee District special projects. In advance of a proposed flood protection operation and maintenance millage, TEG developed, coordinated and implemented a public education campaign that reinforced the mission, goals and duties of the Lake Borgne Basin Levee District (LBBLD). TEG developed informational materials that were distributed parish-wide, organized community tours of flood protection structures, and facilitated more than 30 separate meetings with community and neighborhood organizations.

TEG began its work with SLFPA-E to educate and raise public awareness about the mission, functions and responsibilities of the Regional Flood Authority prior to the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The primary message spoke to the Authority as “THE” regional governmental entity that oversees and operates the hurricane and flood protection system in Metro New Orleans. TEG supported this message through multiple media channels including television, print media, and radio in addition to placing SLFPA-E leadership on expert panels and producing an informational program that aired on local government access channels. TEG also managed the agency’s media and community activities related to the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

TEG Areas of Responsibility

  • Public Information Strategy and Communications Administration
    Work Products: Proactive Strategic Communications Strategy; Measures, Evaluations and Revisions, Coordination with Local Agency Partners
  • Strategic Communications
    Work Products: Media Briefings, Monthly Board Meeting News Summary, News Releases, Media Advisories, Fact Sheets, Brochures, Power Point Presentations, Information Kits, Supporting Photography, Fact Gathering and Quote Approval
  • Media Relations
    Work Products: Communications/Media Point of Contact, On- and Off-Site Coordination of Flood Protection Infrastructure Tours, Media Availabilities and Photo Opportunities, Track/Archive Media Clips
  • Creative / Brand Services
    Work Products: Branded Electronic Communications, Media and Public Education Informational Materials, Agency Logos and Graphics
  • Storm-Crisis Communications
    Work Products: Develop and Implement Contingency/Crisis Communications Strategy Responding to Heightened Storm, Hurricane, Flood Risk and/or Unplanned Events