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One creative step is not enough. We create continuous momentum around your issue, brand or event. Drawing on our network of media, government, business, corporate and community contacts, The Estopinal Group offers a full range of professional services.

Reporters, editors and news producers want essential and timely information from credible, accessible sources. Drawing on our journalistic and government training as well as our extensive network of news contacts, we provide the media with information they can use.

  • News media pitches
  • News releases
  • Speeches
  • Newsletters
  • Bylined articles
  • Brochures

Businesses and organizations are frequently subject to the effects of quick or arbitrary decisions that are made without a clear understanding of their side of the issue. The Estopinal Group works to get your issue noticed by briefing legislators, building coalitions, informing the public and engaging communities.

  • Communication strategy development
  • Liaison with policymakers, community leaders,
  • The media and the public
  • Public policy white papers
  • Research and development
  • Issues awareness and education campaigns

Crisis preparation has to incorporate the concept that crises don’t respect holidays, vacations or sleep schedules. How well your organization anticipates and manages a crisis can have a profound impact on your reputation as well as on your day-to-day operations. The Estopinal Group will help your organization to communicate effectively during any crises.

  • Anticipate potential crises
  • Identify affected audiences
  • Establish crisis communication responsibilities
  • Provide message development, media training and on-site media relations
  • Coordinate press conferences and collateral materials

Depending on the nature of your relationships with your surrounding community, it can be your greatest asset or your biggest roadblock. Our multifaceted public outreach programs are designed to spur involvement and cooperation, and will support your image as a consensus builder. The Estopinal Group sets the standard for community-business-government partnership events.

  • Community meetings
  • Special event development
  • Public communications campaigns

The ever-changing business climate and emerging needs of communities require the continual assessment of services and products that companies and organizations deliver. We can assist you in thinking out of the box and developing thoughtful strategies that will enhance your reputation and service delivery.

  • Surveys, evaluations and competitive analysis
  • Retreat planning and implementation
  • Facilitate community dialogue
  • Consensus building
  • Focus groups and public opinion polls

Online platforms are now at the forefront of brand management. Integration of branded online communications and social media platforms provides an immediate channel of communication that is essential to reach audiences today. At The Estopinal Group, we provide the services and support to enable your organization to communicate directly with your audience over the internet.

  • Branded interactive online communications packages including news alerts, newsletters and community event promotions
  • Online media monitoring
  • Web content development and messaging
  • Social media management
  • Interactive business marketing

Every successful public communications strategy incorporates high quality, imaginative and timely creative products. From conception through distribution and delivery, we interlock creative efforts and strategy to maximize your results.

  • Graphic design and layout
  • Brochures, flyers and info graphics
  • Photography
  • Video, radio, print and social media production